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There are many different ways to get into a new car and people often think about a car loan, borrowing against their mortgage or using savings. The other option available is a novated lease as part of your employee benefits program.

A novated lease is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to get into a new car. Unlike other traditional options, a novated lease includes finance and most of your running costs deducted from your pre-tax salary, allowing you to enjoy income tax and GST savings per pay.

A FleetPlus novated lease includes:

  • Thousands in GST savings up to on the purchase price of a new car*
  • Great discounts and tax savings on running costs
  • Access to one of Australia’s largest buyers and sellers of cars, meaning you get the benefit of significant discounts when purchasing and servicing your car#.


Fully Maintained Novated Lease

Your pre-tax income is used to pay the finance costs, as well as the majority of the running costs including fuel, registration, maintenance, insurance, and more. When you establish the lease, a residual amount is set, and payable at the end of the lease term. There is also the option to extend the lease or sell the vehicle and use the funds to pay out the residual.


Non Maintained Novated Lease

While you get the benefits of financing your vehicle with your pre-tax income, and fixed monthly repayments, you are responsible for meeting all vehicle running costs separately.


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What’s Included in a novated lease?

All Bingo Industries customers benefit from:

  • Discounted Vehicles
  • GST Savings
  • Discounted Fuel and Maintenance
  • Vehicle Choice
  • Simple Monthly Repayments
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Discounted Aftermarket Products
  • Insurance
  • Dedicated Novated Relationship Team
  • Online System



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The figures are based on the information you provided and a number of assumptions.

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based on a fully maintained novated lease

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Savings Breakdown

A fully maintained novated lease takes care of the car finance and your running costs in one fixed regular repayment.


Vehicle Lease

One fixed monthly repayment for ease and peace of mind.


Servicing & Maintenance

Log book servicing and discounts on repairs, maintenance, parts and labour.



Competitive pricing on tyre replacements and repairs.



Covers registration and CTP in your monthly repayment.



Discounted fuel at thousands of outlets across Australia.



Competitive options for your insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all employees take out a novated lease?

Generally speaking yes, but you need to check with your employer to confirm novated leasing is available to you. 

Will a novated lease affect my take home pay?

Yes, as the finance costs, as well as the majority of the running costs including fuel, registration, maintenance, insurance, and more are paid from your pre-tax income. The rest of your salary is taxed as normal and passed onto you, as your take home pay. 

Are all novated leases the same?

No, there are two main types of novated leases: a non maintained, or a fully maintained lease. With a non maintained lease, as an employee, you are responsible for meeting your vehicle’s running costs, with just the leasing cost coming directly out of your salary. While a fully maintained lease lets you bundle the vehicle finance and all running costs into the one fixed repayment per pay cycle which utilises pre-tax income.

Is a novated lease better than a personal car loan?

A novated lease lets you use pre-tax income to pay for your vehicle repayments, which is a tax-effective strategy not usually available with a standard loan. Making repayments this way reduces your overall taxable income, to give you more money in your pocket. A lease arrangement also gives you more options at the end of the lease period. You may pay out the residual and own the vehicle, extend the lease for a further term or payout the residual and upgrade to a new vehicle – all without the hassle of having to dispose of the vehicle yourself.

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