We put two popular small cars, the Hyundai i30 Active and the Mazda 3 Maxx to the test to see where the value lies.

Are you tempted by a Tesla but can’t justify the price tag? Why not use your kids to help rationalise the expense?

choosing a family car

These days’ family cars are designed with actual families in mind, which means loads of boot space, built-in rubbish receptacles, automatic doors and entertainment aplenty. 

Our ‘12 Days of Christmas Giving program’ is an annual charity event that highlights the great work done by 12 very deserving charities across Australia and New Zealand.

It can be hard looking for a new car and it’s even harder when everyone you know is trying to give you advice. 

The popularity of Sports Utility Vehicles in Australia is ever increasing, but with so many makes and models how do you find one to suit you?

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A vehicle sale and lease back is often an overlooked method of achieving a substantial and immediate cash injection.

For customers or clients who have been affected by the uncertainty around COVID-19, help is available.